10 seconds to Your BEST FACE Ever (Really)

Okay peeps,

This might be my best beauty tip everrrrr. Seriously……!

I hate foundation. Always have; always will. In addition, I think women have a tendency to over apply it or misapply it.  I also think women who use it typically look—well…OLD! ( I can hear that collective shudder)

Bounce on over to BB CREME my lovelies! It’s the Bomb (But please don’t say that out loud on an airplane).

It’s fast. It’s easy. It takes 10 seconds and makes you look maaaarvelous !

I think I have tried ever BB creme on the market and be assured that not all are created equal. The absolute best is Hydra Life by Christian Dior.

IMG_2464 It has an SPF of 30 and it seriously will make your skin GLOW.  It effortlessly covers sun damage, red hues and brown spots. Just put a dime size amount on your finger tips, rub them together to warm it a bit and spread evenly. That’s it. Vous etes fini! (That’s French for you are finished).

I’ve bought it at various places  but the best place to buy is Amazon! Just click here and it’s at your door:


See? Even your skin is never stuck!


Patty Comeford Adams



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2 responses to “10 seconds to Your BEST FACE Ever (Really)

  1. Kathy Coakley

    Carly and I absolutely love it! It is lightweight, does not have a sunscreen smell even though it has 30 SPF! It is also very reasonably priced!!
    Thanks Patty!


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