Ways To Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today: Tip#1

Recently I tweeted from @youreneverstuck  asking folks to direct message me about where they feel most stuck. For many of us +40 women, the resounding message was- my weight! So without joining the masses who tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat/drink/exercise, this short fashion post is for you!

Tip #1: Make it monochromatic.

Trust me, from someone who’s “blessed” with a short waist, this little fashion trick does wonders.

Note that it needn’t all black either. Pick your favorite color and it needn’t be tucked in. An added bonus in monochromatic dressing is that it also looks expensive.  Here are a few favorite looks:


Yes, all these models are annoyingly skinny.  (Sorry about that! ) However, notice the monochromatic look also makes them look taller, leaner and polished.

Give it a try, let me know how you do and/or send me a picture!

With Love,

Patty Comeford Adams 

ps. To get the full effect, I recommend your shoes are the same color ( unless your wearing a cast 😈)  The eye will grasp it all as one;  making you look well …10 pounds lighter!



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6 responses to “Ways To Look 10 Pounds Lighter Today: Tip#1

  1. Kim

    I’ve been called a consummate professional over the years, and this applies to my “dresscode” too! I think mono dressing helps to sustain the classy, professional business vibe I’m going for and certainly helps to subdue the bulges. Thanks for sharing Patty – always look forward to your advise!

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    • youreneverstuck

      Thanks Kim. You are so right ! The look is really professional and classy which contributes to success for women. First impressions matter. Have a great day!


  2. Pauline

    Love all those looks… Being short its easy to look “dumpy”…..


  3. Sharon

    Great post..glad not just my idea of dressing all in one color. Sometimes I get the reaction “oh all one color” but more often than not people will comment how classy it looks. I know I feel very polished in monochromatic dress.

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