About YOU

You Are Never Stuck.

Do you believe that? My own hurdles and 20+ years of helping others create new career/life paths have taught me that the single most potent factor influencing our success in life is what we believe about ourselves. I’m not talking only about the cognitive beliefs that we hold but also the spiritual and emotions beliefs we care with us.

Simply put, if somewhere deep down in your gut you believe that you’re stuck, then it’s time to: (1) dig out those beliefs and; (2) decide to change them.

On Beliefs:

What we believe about the money we can make, the family we can have, or the gifts and abilities we offer the world help define our reality. I’m not saying it’s impossible to find a job or a new life  if you believe your stuck or somehow limited. You certainly can; you have before. But until you change that limiting belief, chances are that you’ll put yourself into another situation where you feel stuck and unfulfilled. In other words, you’ll repeat the pattern that’s brought to this point in your life. Heck, I did it for years!

On Decisions: 

Yes, I said decide.  There is tremendous power in a decision but if you’re like most of us not always so easy to implement. Take a minute and embrace how much power that gives you.

So what’s the magic bullet in all of this? Well for starters, some of my clients find it helpful to adopt a “Compassionate Witness” stance. As a Compassionate Witness, your job is to step back and gently pay attention to your thoughts, actions, how you talk to yourself and others. Don’t beat yourself up or judge-it won’t get you anywhere. Just compassionately notice. And then you must decide and take responsibility to do it differently.

I encourage you to try it.


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